CardFlip FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

About CardFlip

Who is CardFlip? is your leading Discounted secondary Gift Card Exchange to SELL Gift Cards quickly for top market CASH value and BUY discounted Gift Cards for most brands, restaurants and merchants.
What is a Discounted Secondary Gift Card exchange?
It is a company like CardFlip that buys gift cards at huge bulk at discounts then pass on the savings to customers purchasing Gift Cards. CardFlip and other exchanges also provide the option to sell Gift Cards for cash up to 90% of the card’s value.
Is CardFlip really the Best secondary Gift Card service?
YES!! They are the best in many areas such as giving top dollar for your Gift Cards and offering the most value for those buying Gift Cards at a discount. top notch customer service puts them in a class of their own
How do I call or email CardFlip?
CardFlip is available 602-682-7055 or email for help.
What are the fees involved with Gift Cards purchased from CardFlip?
There are no costs for buying, selling or converting Gift Cards at CardFlip, and the USPS Shipping is also FREE for the consumer.
What are Discounted Gift Cards?
CardFlip allows you to purchase Gift Cards at a price below the value of the card which gives you a DISCOUNT on the value obtained; i.e. you are purchasing a Discounted Gift Card.
Is safe?
CardFlip provides guaranteed Gift Cards to our clients valid for the dollar amount and at the merchant named on the purchase order. If a problem arises or the the full balance was not available on the card for the full amount, CardFlip will credit you with another Gift Card or a refund.

Sell Gift Cards to CardFlip

How can I sell my Gift Cards to CardFlip?
Simply Sign-Up and activate an account with, submit the Gift Card name, number, PIN and Value. CardFlip will displays the offer price based on market value, then the order must be Confirmed, the seller Gets Paid!
How much money do I get from Selling my Gift Cards to CardFlip?
The amount of money offers you will vary by store and brand up to 90% of the Gift Card value which you have a choice to accept.
What is an eCard at CardFlip?
An electronic or eCard is one sent to you by email that includes your printout with CardFlip codes from the back of Gift Cards giving you access to those funds immediately. You can use the printouts at the store register, and most retailers allow you to use the PDF on your phone. NO Wait after your purchase and NO physical card necessary in most cases.
What is a physical Gift Card at CardFlip?
A physical Gift Card is what CardFlip will send you for certain merchants that require you to have a physical card in your hand when you redeem it at the store. Sometimes you will have the choice between a physical Gift Card or an eCard.
How will I receive payment from after I sell them my Gift Card(s)?
You will usually receive payment by an ACH transfer to your bank account or a bank check by your choice.
How much time will it take to receive payment from CardFlip after I sell them my Gift Card(s)?
The first time you sign up with could take up to 24 hours, but eCards can be instantly available by email and physical Cards can take 3-5 business days FREE Shipping via USPS with Tracking.

Buy Gift Cards from CardFlip

How can I Buy Discounted Gift Cards from CardFlip?
There is a BUY Gift Card button on home page, but basically you search or browse the inventory on for Card(s) desired, pay for them and receive them by email or free USPS Shipping with tracking.
Where do I Buy Gift Cards on and how?
There is a button on the home page or click here…
When will Gift Cards purchased at expire?
What does it cost to Buy Gift Cards from
There are NO costs involved. You would only pay the cost of your discounted Gift Card which means you actually GAIN
What kind of guarantee does offer when I Buy a Gift Card from them? gives you a 45-day guarantee from date of purchase that covers your Gift Card value. The balance on any Gift Card is authenticated by CardFlip before any sale.
Can I return cards purchased on CardFlip that I don’t want or plan on using anymore?
Yes and No. Yes, you can sell the card back to at the designated Buy value at, and No, you unfortunately may not get a full refund for your purchase; although you will not get stuck with a card that doesn’t work.
Is there a way to maximize my dollar even more than CardFlip’s already incredible value?
Yes, when you use Bitcoin or Direct Bank Transfers for your payments on you will receive an ADDITIONAL 3% Discount on your order (Orders of $500 or more).
What are my payment options on
Amazon Pay – Log in conveniently and securely with your Amazon account and pay with your debit or credit card using our advanced payments gateway. Safe! Secure! Swift!
Direct Bank Transfer – Take advantage of an extra 3% off your order by making your direct payment straight to our bank account for orders of $500 or more. Email for details. Customers must initiate transfer via Check/Cash Deposit, ACH or Wire Transfer.
Bitcoin Payment – Bitcoin payments also receive 3% off your order. This is fast growing digital currency that you can find more about at

Security at CardFlip

Is my personal information safe and secure when I enter it at
ABSOLUTELY! CardFlip is a trusted mainstay in the secondary Gift Card service for years now and have never had a security breach of any kind. CardFlip’s multi-layer SSL security system and encryption methods assure you, the consumer, of a safe and trusting relationship.
How do I know these Gift Cards are all valid?
Every Gift Card value at is verified and authenticated before being sold to you, and CardFlip stands behind all their Gift Cards making it a risk-free transaction for you.