Card Flip Frequently Asked Questions is a Discounted secondary Gift Card Exchange created for you to SELL Gift Cards for top market value and BUY discounted Gift Cards for most brands, restaurants and merchants.

What is a Discounted Secondary Gift Card exchange?

It is a company like CardFlip that buys gift cards in huge bulk at discounts and then passes on the savings to customers purchasing Gift Cards. CardFlip and other exchanges also provide the option to sell Gift Cards for cash up to 90% of the card's value.

How do I call, email or send mail to CardFlip?

The phone number for CardFlip is 619-377-9417, and you can email [email protected] for help. The mailing address for correspondence and physical Gift Cards is: Empire Software Solutions 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd. Suite 150 San Diego, California 92121

What are the fees involved with Gift Cards purchased from CardFlip?

There are no costs for buying, selling Gift Cards at CardFlip, and USPS Shipping is FREE for the consumer.

What are Discounted Gift Cards?

CardFlip allows you to purchase Gift Cards at a price below the value of the card which gives you a DISCOUNT on the value obtained; i.e. you are purchasing a Discounted Gift Card.

What is an eCard at CardFlip?

An electronic or eCard will be available after purchase by logging into your account under your Dashboard. This will include your orders with the eCards purchased under each order with the barcodes, eCard numbers and passwords giving you access to those funds immediately.

You can use the printouts at the store register, and most retailers allow you to use the PDF on your phone. Your eCard is available after your purchase and NO physical card is necessary in most cases.

What is a physical Gift Card at CardFlip?

A physical Gift Card is what CardFlip will mail you via USPS for certain merchants that require you to have a physical card in your hand when you redeem it at the store. Sometimes you will have the choice between a physical Gift Card or an eCard.

Why am I unable to sign up for an account with CardFlip?

It could be that someone at your same address already has an account with us. stipulates only one account with the same information or one per household.

In addition, if you are not located in the United States or Canada you are currently unable to sign up for an account with

How do I know is secure?

See our Privacy Statement

Sell Gift Cards to CardFlip

How can I sell my Gift Cards to CardFlip?

  • Sign-Up and activate an account with
  • Click on SELL or Sell Cards
  • Submit the Gift Card name, number, PIN and Value.
  • Click Add
  • Repeat process until all your cards are entered
  • Click Next & Confirm Order on Next page

Your card is now in process for verification process & payment process.

How much money do I get from Selling my Gift Cards to CardFlip?

The amount of money offers you is up to 90% of the Gift Card value. The value varies based on store, brand or demand that you have a choice to cancel before you get to the Confirmation page.

How will I receive payment from after I sell them my Gift Card(s)?

You will usually receive payment by your choice of ACH transfer, bank check, Bitcoin or bankwire.

How much time will it take to receive payment from CardFlip after I sell them my Gift Card(s)? goes thru security and verification process first, so the time associated with the payment process can vary based on many variables including fraud, incorrect information, card type, transaction type and many other factors. On your initial sale, the process of card and identity verification can take a few days before transfer to the payout department. If the amount on the card does not match that what has been represented, for example, delays will result. (See our Terms and Conditions Pages for all disclaimers related to payment.) We strive to pay our customers in 3 to 5 business days (for an ACH payment) but the card and seller must be verified first. If you are a repeat seller, you may receive sooner and in some instances, within 48 hours.

Some orders take longer due to an approval process by both our processor and fraud department. Some industries such as Travel, which includes Airlines, Cruises and Hotels, require 30 day or more holding periods.

Why does it say Paid on my transaction but I don't see it yet?

When is says Paid in your account, that means your transaction has been approved by our merchant for payment and our first level of fraud detection. This does not mean payment has been transferred to your account nor does it mean that you are through the verification and payment process.

How can I Buy Discounted Gift Cards from CardFlip?

  • --Sign-Up and activate an account with
  • --Click on BUY or Buy Cards
  • --Search for the type of Gift Card you would like
  • --Click the + symbol next to how many cards at the value desired
  • --Repeat process until all your cards are entered
  • --Click Checkout & Confirm Payment information on Next page

Your payment process is now going thru our Merchant processor to approve your payment and our Cyber Security Fraud division for approval. You will receive an email for your purchase after approval.

Your card is now in process for delivery. If it is an ecard it will be available in your Dashboard under My Account on top right of our home page. If it is a physical card, it will be in our shipping department to retrieve the card and send it to you USPS at no charge. After it clears our shipping department, it should take approximately 3-5 business days regular USPS mail to arrive.

What does it cost to Buy Gift Cards from

There are NO costs involved. You would only pay the cost of your discounted Gift Card which means you actually GAIN.

What kind of guarantee does offer when I Buy a Gift Card from them? gives you a 45-day guarantee from the date of purchase that covers your Gift Card value. The balance on any Gift Card is authenticated by CardFlip before any sale.

Can I return cards purchased on CardFlip that I don't want or plan on using anymore?

See our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Is there a way to maximize my dollar even more than CardFlip's already incredible value?

Yes, when you use Bitcoin or Direct Bank Transfers for your payments on you will receive an ADDITIONAL 3% Discount on your order (Orders of $500 or more). also sends special discounts by email occasionally.

What are my payment options on

Credit Card Purchase (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover)

Direct Bank Transfer – Take advantage of an extra 3% off your order by making your direct payment straight to our bank account for orders of $500 or more. Email [email protected] for details. Customers must initiate transfer via Check/Cash Deposit, ACH, Zelle or Wire Transfer.

Bitcoin Payment – Bitcoin payments also receive 3% off your order.

Security at CardFlip

See our Privacy Statement.

How do I know these Gift Cards are all valid?

Every Gift Card value at is verified and authenticated before being sold to you.

What if my Gift Card does not have the correct balance or does not work?

Please double check the numbers entered from the information in your account. If you still have problems, see our Return Policy under Terms and Conditions of Use. Email [email protected] for more questions.

Why do certain Gift Cards and transactions seem to take longer than others?

There are multiple possibilities for a delay in processing that are mostly related to risk. It is possible our processing and fraud department needs more time to approve some people due to past activity and transactions.

Some travel Gift Cards have also had issues, so reserves the right to hold Hotel, Airline or Cruise Gift Cards for30 days.

Does take any Gift Card of any denomination? reserves the right to decline taking some Gift Cards based on brand, store, location, amount, seller and risk. It is rare, but there are some cards that have to be denied.